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Be a Partner Merchant

Expand Your Coverage by Putting Your Product Online

In the digital age, it is absolutely essential for your business to have an online presence. If they don’t see you there, you could be losing out on the opportunity to increase your customer base and get the word out about your business. The web gives you access to a much larger audience that includes people within your location and beyond. This exposes your online business to even more opportunities and Make It Easier for Potential Customers Come to You A credible business that values its customers can look forward to positive reviews that will result in customer loyalty and a broader customer base. Customers often use reviews to make their purchasing decision and it’s important to prioritize quality customer service.


We will do a listing of Markets that will be available in our app. Once your market is listed, you can download the PalengkeLink Merchant app for free. Just fill up the information required, and upload the picture of documents required for verification.

The requirements include: ( 3 picture of your store, 2 Valid Pictures, TIN, Bank Accounts )

Please ensure that all the contact details that you enter are complete and correct. Once your registration request is submitted, a Foodbox representative will verify those information and document. Once verified, you will receive a verification code. And you can now start accepting orders

You can update the store setting such as operation hours by just going to profile settings and update the store operating hours.

For some reason you need to pause accepting orders. You can switch to offline. If you are on offline mode, your items and stalls will not be available in the customer app. (see upper right of your PalengkeLink app)

In the Inventory section of the app, you can add, edit delete, the information like price, available quantity, active or inactive status of the item and its picture.

Please make sure to put the products to a safe and comfortable plastic bag before you give the order of the buyer to the rider.
Please make sure to always give fresh and new products to our customers so they will be satisfied and re order to you again.
Please maintain cleanliness and proper sanitation for you and our customer’s safety.

Other Reminder

Egg – please make sure to put in a safe plastic bag or in a box.
Fish – please make sure to clean and wash it first before you put in a plastic bag.
Fruits – please make sure to give a fresh and new one to our customer.
Frozen foods – please make sure to check the expiration date and put in a safe plastic bag.
Pork/Meat – please make sure to give a fresh and new one to our customer.
Vegetables – please make sure to give fresh and choose a new one to our customer.
Feel free to call our support hotline.

Globe (0956-260-2094)
Smart (0961-718-0066)
Viber (0956-174-0217)

Example of issues:

Apps Issue
Wallet Issues
Cannot Locate Customer