Online Palengke

Your favorite Palengke goods delivered fresh and fast.

Enjoy your local Palengke wide selections: Meats, Fishes, Vegetables, Fruits, Condiments, and alot more, delivered at your doorsteps.

What service we offer?

Digital Transformation of Palengke

Linking Buyer, Merchant and Rider

Palengke link is a digital delivery and online palengke wet and dry goods market network which operate a software platform market matching between customers seeking to place orders with a merchant identified as palengke stall owner, via the PalengkeLink platform.

When you place an order with palengke link, the stall partners will be notified and will prepare your orders palengke link delivery partner will pick up the orders from the different stalls to bring it to you.


App Based

Start ordering from your Suki using our PalengkeLink App. View available goods, compare prices and indicate your special request, as if buying from a Tradional Palengke.

Market-based Price

Experience Fresh good at Palengke Prices. Enjoy a wide selection of choices and buy from your favorite Stalls.


Stay Safe

Enjoy convenient shopping at the comfort of your own home. Stay Home and Stay Safe and enjoy cashless and contactless shopping.

Delivered in minutes

PalengkeLink is an Express Delivery Platform. Wait everything delivered in a few minutes or at a scheduled time.

Shopping to your local Palengkes has never been this easy. Stay at home, stay safe, and wait your fresh Palengke Goodies delivered at your doorstep.


Enjoy the widest selection your local Market can provide using PalengkeLink App so you can just stay home and wait your goods deliver to your footsteps. This includes: vegetables, seafood, poultry products, meats, frozen goods, fruits, spices, at a lot more others

As of the moment, the PalengkeLink App is available in google play. It can be installed using a smartphone with Android 4.1 or Jellybean. Please make sure the GPS is turned on and data/internet connection is enables

You can see the market with 10KM radius from your residence or delivery address. As of the moment we are activating markets within Metro Manila. But please be patient as we are continually expanding our reach. You can order from different stalls (max 4) within a Market with a single delivery fee.

Your order’s total cost includes the price of the palengke items plus a delivery fee and minimal convenience fee. The delivery fee is based on the distance of the market to your delivery address. Those fees will help to pay or delivery partner and to ensure the quality service our platform will provide.

You can order via Cash and Cashless (Credit Card, Debit Card Gash). We provide discounts to cashless transactions as we encourage cashless transaction to ensure the safety of our rider and customer.